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Endorsements of Mike Padden 4th District Senate 2011

Rep. Larry Crouse “We need change in Olympia and we can trust Mike to be a leader in fighting for government reforms. It would be an honor to once again serve along side Mike.”
current State Rep. Larry Crouse
former State Rep. and Spokane County Sheriff Mark Sterk "Mike Padden was one of the few state legislators who understood how important it is to support local law enforcement. I trusted Mike then and I trust him now to help keep our community safe!!"
Former Spokane County Sheriff and 4th District State Representative Mark Sterk
former Rep. Lynn Schindler “Mike’s integrity, experience and background is outstanding and his conservative voice has been consistent and steadfast. Mike’s 14 years experience in the House prepared him to become a trusted member of the Senate. He is someone I am proud to call my friend.”
Former 4th District State Representative (1998-2008) Lynn Schindler


Larry Crouse - 4th District State Representative
Al French - Spokane County Commissioner
Todd Mielke - Spokane County Commissioner
Mark Richard - Spokane County Commissioner
Kate McCaslin - former Spokane County Commissioner
Lynn Schindler - former 4th District Representative
Mark Sterk - former Spokane County Sheriff and former 4th District Representative
Charles Wolfe, MD - former 4th District Representative
Dick Barrett - former 5th District Representative
Duane Sommers - former 6th District Representative
Richard M “Dick” Bond - former 6th District Representative
John Serben - former 6th District Representative
Harold Hochstatter - former 13th District Senator
Steve Peterson - Mayor of Liberty Lake
Chuck Hafner - City Council - City of the Spokane Valley
Gary Schimmels - City Council - City of the Spokane Valley
Arne Woodward - City Council - City of the Spokane Valley
Jim Williams - West Valley School Board
Rose Dempsey - former City Councilwoman - City of Spokane Valley
Bill Gothmann - former City Council - City of the Spokane Valley
Mike DeVleming - former Mayor of City of Spokane Valley
Diana Wilhite - former Mayor of City of Spokane Valley
       - former City Councilwoman - City of the Spokane Valley


Dan Allison
Duane Alton
Andree Alton
Harry Amend
Danny Asan
Mike Asan
Mike Baird
Peggy Baird
Dick Barrett
John Baxter
Edie Baxter
Lesa Baxter
Charlotte Benjamin
Dick Bond
Ron Braun
Hunter Brown
Diane Brown
Sandy Brown
Leonard Christian
Bonnie Clausen
John C. Cooney
Shaun Cross
Alice Cunneely
Gene Cunneely
Gordon Curry
Rosalie M. Dahlvang
Jo Davis
Rose Dempsey
Mike DeVleming
Frankie DeWitt
David K. DeWolf
Mike Edwards
Diane Edwards
Jacque Eide
Cathy (Eller) Wilson
Matt Ewers
Pat Ewers
Tom Foley
Larry Gants
Jack F. Graham
Jacqueline B. Gramlow
Thomas R. Gregory Jr
Bill Gothmann
Chuck Hafner
Pam Haley
Harley Halverson
Lorraine Halverson
Bill Haney
Florian Herda
Judy Herda
Darlene Herman
Howard Herman
Daniel Jaws
Patrick T, Johnson, Jr.
Peter J. Johnson
Mary Jo Kahler
Mary Kienholz
Gerald R. Knight
Gretchen Kuch
Jen Larson
Tony Lazanis
John J. Madden
Gerry Manfred
Sue Manfred
Jake Mauer
Robert D. McCaslin
Mike McMullen
Ed Mertens
Beva Miles
Rick Miles
William E. Miller
Ron Ogle
Sandy Ogle
John Olney
Dick Poston
Sue Poston
Don O’Neal
Charlene Padden
Justin Padden
Don Peters
Steve Peterson
Emanuele Portolese
JoAnn Portolese
Gary and Myrna Schimmels
Jim and Lynn Schindler
Jack Silzel
Sharon Silzel
Doug Simpson
Peggy Simpson
Geoff Swindler
Shannon Town
Michael Vosburgh
Frank Wagstaff
Jane Wagstaff
Rex Walker
Barbara Walker
Robert C. Wallace
David White
Lorrie Whitney
Jim Williams
Gayle Williams
Dr. Charlie and Patricia Wolfe
Arne and Charmagne Woodard


Human Life PAC
NRA - Political Victory Fund
WA State Farm Bureau PAC
WSVMA-PAC (Veterinary Medical Assn)
Association of Washington Business (AWB)
Washington State Farm Bureau PAC

Area High School & Legion Baseball Coaches

Brian Munhall
Don O''Neal
Randy Elam
Jim Wasem, Sr.
Jim Wasem, Jr.
Alex Schuerman
Nick Schuerman
Bump Wills
Barry Poffenroff
Chad Ripke
Jake Dowell
Cris Coffield
Jim Holman
Mike Amend
Gregg Amend
Harry Amend
Keith Ward
Scott Sutherland